Once upon a time in Brazil,A young lady was going to a party with her friends.her mother was worried over the kind of life, her daughter had chosen to live. Each time the old woman tried to make her see reasons in giving her life to Christ,she will adamantly ignored all that seems to be the truth and continuing in her sinful and immoral lifestyle.
On that fateful day,having said a prayer for her daughter, she asked her to ask Jesus to go with her in their journey. But the lady laughed and said to her mother, “Only if this Jesus of yours would stay in the boot,because there isn’t space inside the car”
However, they soon left. All in a party mood.
Not long into their journey,they were involved in a fatal car crash, in which their car was badly damaged almost beyond recognition;as a result, they all died at the spot.
But before long, something amazing took place. some hen’s eggs placed in a crate was found in the booth of the lady’s car.none had broken and they were all intact.
* * * by now, I hope you would agree with me that,that was a astonishing miracle and one that is not very common. It is seeming very clear to see or understand that if Jesus had been given a place in the car, the lady and her friends would have survived the Crash as the eggs in the booth,where the lady had suggested that he should stay.
The psalmist says in the book of psalms 25:3 “defeat does not come to those who trust in God but to those who are quick to rebel against him”
Jesus died for us in order that we merit eternal life. He loves each and everyone of us greatly and he is ever ready to come into the life of anyone who is willing to have a change of heart and turn away from their sinful ways. his presence in our lives provides us maximum insurance, and a kind we can get from no one else.
Do not live by the standard of this world but strive to do the will of God. He created you in his own image and likeness,it is for that reason, he offered his only son, Jesus as a sacrifice for our sins.
Have reverence for him and you will get wisdom; wisdom gives you everything you want in life,it is priceless,it is the foundation on which the earth was created, it is life and it has no ending.
And christ has promised that he will be with all the faithfuls and those who does the will of his father even to the end of time,when all other material things shall fail and cease to be.

Posted by Daniel