Second thought (2)

…continued from Second thought (1)
* * *
Don’t you think it is possible to keep those promises even for the rest of your life?
Why must one fulfill their selfish interest at all cost and never care to mind the pains their actions eventually inflict on others?
Why would you not want to continue treating that partner of yours in the same kind and lovely manner with which you had treated them at the very first time and as a result,had have them gain confidence in you? Does it mean your own integrity is a questionable one? is it very necessary to do what everyone else are doing;that,that they tag,`common’ and feign ignorance about the fact that it is wrong?
Above all,where is the love?
The truth is this:if you genuinely love your partner,you should enjoy and be happily satisfied with every sex you have with them.You will be able to make something great out of lovemaking,providing you love and appreciate your partner.
The thought of cheating can not be nursed in a mind if love is in it.