She’ll be strong,She’ll be keeping herself untill the day of her wedding under the right ceilling,for the right person,A person deserving of a special kind of loving.Special kind of Girl,hard to come-by.She’s for the one,God will send to fulfill her kind of craving…Lots of guys has being up to her but she says,”She is waiting”People started to say,”All that she want is more than a Mr.Right”But all that she wants is good love:A Man,who sees the light;One with lots of understanding,A man,who’s got a heart. Got a lot of respect for her,for her kind is so rare.It’s kind of hard to imagine but she’s out there.


Keep the fire burning

PESSIMISSIM is one very little but big Parasite,one should never bring along with them into their Relational or love life.It is absolutely creepy in nature and comes-in-very- handy;hence stamping the fire off of so many relationship today.Pessimissm likes to live in the mind and carry out its destructive operations in a slowly-progressive fashion from there,providing its victim has given it a chance.
Isn’t heartbreaking, when a once healthy relationship suddenly begins to uncontrollably shiver from catching too much common cold?Oftentimes when this happens,people may tend to attribute those seemingly physical issues that might have been significant enough to draw the attention of the senses as its most possible cause,which in most cases happens to be true but one underlying fact that may be left begging for recognition is that, waiting to reveal,at some occasion,the fundamental causes of such ailment in the body of such a relationship.Such a cause can then be simply defined as the end-product/effect of every negative thoughts that has been consumed by either or both partners.digested,absolved, circulated and distributed to every living cells of such a relationship.Any relationship,which has a pessimistic partner involved,could suffer from such common cold at not normal frequencies.An addicted pessimistic person are able to accept pro-created imaginations as in negative thoughts that are capable of destroying one’s ability to hope for ‘good’ and as well as could kill happiness- and have them nursed in their mind,hence resulting in depression as well as terminal lack of interest in what they do.A victim of pessimism might also lack the ability to be passionate about what they do;reluctant to mind,even if their life depends on such thing.
To this end:I’m prescribing OPTIMISM as that effective drug you need to get rid of Pessimissm.No matter what that situation may be,remember that excessive worries will not be able to solve even a tiny bit of it,so worry less and be happy rather.Stand up against those negative thoughts that may be trying to find its way into your mind and say NO! to it.Do not allow it to come and stay no matter how hard it tries.If genuine love,a kind you have never had any cause to doubt about ,has never ceased to being the basis of that relationship,then allow no parasite as pessimissm,arising from any form of matter crawl up into your mind now.Practically eject it and lighten once again that dying flame of your relationship.You should as well communicate the danger that pessimism stands to pose to your relationship and love life to your partner in the sense of general discussion or if you are perceiving they are beginning to live extremely much in their mind.I think a lovely partner would be grateful you did.

Second thought (2)

…continued from Second thought (1)
* * *
Don’t you think it is possible to keep those promises even for the rest of your life?
Why must one fulfill their selfish interest at all cost and never care to mind the pains their actions eventually inflict on others?
Why would you not want to continue treating that partner of yours in the same kind and lovely manner with which you had treated them at the very first time and as a result,had have them gain confidence in you? Does it mean your own integrity is a questionable one? is it very necessary to do what everyone else are doing;that,that they tag,`common’ and feign ignorance about the fact that it is wrong?
Above all,where is the love?
The truth is this:if you genuinely love your partner,you should enjoy and be happily satisfied with every sex you have with them.You will be able to make something great out of lovemaking,providing you love and appreciate your partner.
The thought of cheating can not be nursed in a mind if love is in it.

Second thought (1)

Oftentimes,it saddens my heart whenever i hear it all over the places or even happened to have been a witness to cases of infidelity in relationships.Very common among most cases;A prospective or active cheating partner would usually create-out and feed their own mind with the excuse of;not gaining some imaginable wild form of sexual satisfaction from their partner in a bid to ward-off any sense of guilt that may be arising from their own conscience.
The most painful part is in the fact that,oftentimes,those who are being cheated-on happen to be some pretty good,nice and loyal fellow,who might have been putting in their possible best into almost everything they do in order that things work fine and well for all.
But the question are:
Aren’t they no longer that special man,woman you had needed so much to be in your life?
That nice and lovely fellow,who made life more meaninful for you and whom you had undoubtedly love…what about all those kindly made promises? to hell with them now?
To be cont…

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