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“You know well enough that our Lord does not look so much at the greatness of our actions, nor even at their difficulty, but at the love with which we do them” -St. Therese of the child Jesus-


Second thought (1)

Oftentimes,it saddens my heart whenever i hear it all over the places or even happened to have been a witness to cases of infidelity in relationships.Very common among most cases;A prospective or active cheating partner would usually create-out and feed their own mind with the excuse of;not gaining some imaginable wild form of sexual satisfaction from their partner in a bid to ward-off any sense of guilt that may be arising from their own conscience.
The most painful part is in the fact that,oftentimes,those who are being cheated-on happen to be some pretty good,nice and loyal fellow,who might have been putting in their possible best into almost everything they do in order that things work fine and well for all.
But the question are:
Aren’t they no longer that special man,woman you had needed so much to be in your life?
That nice and lovely fellow,who made life more meaninful for you and whom you had undoubtedly love…what about all those kindly made promises? to hell with them now?
To be cont…

The “world” and “Good”

Dear brethens,I wish us all,Good,Peace and love in a world,where these three qualities has taken a centre stage only in the reverse order.
In a world,where falsehood reigns supreme;truth suffers behind bars and anyone is dared to free it.
In a world where good and her disciples have to pass through so many tribulations,trials and undeserved sufferings.A good man,woman is being paid with varying degrees of evil payments for being good and for doing good;A world,where a poor one will be severely punished for refusing to be as bad as the worldlies,so as to inflict pains,which will make their life and means of living it extremely difficult;it is persecution.it is man’s inhumanity to man.it is a cruel and massive campaign against the existence of good.
In a world,where love had long been dumped,wickedness increases and peace is nowhere to be found:
I can only wish us all,well.I pray and hope it will be well with our souls.
To all those,who suffers for being good,do not deter,be good- for you shall laugh last.

4 qualities of a good and sustainable relationship


It takes *love*trust*courage* & *faith* for a relationship to being successful and achieve success.

First,lets talk about the quality,called love.Generally,it can simply be defined as a feeling of tender affection for somebody or something.Love as it is,has become the base on which so many relationships  are created today.Oftentimes,love is very commonly used and the fact that it has suffered from precarious interpretations can not be over-emphasized.So therefore,it is imperative that one knows what love is all about, like its characteristics,features and  possibly attributes.The Bible speaks so much too about love as it is related even to our relational life.The Apostle Paul’s first letter  to the Corinthians stands as a well founded example;

“Love is patient and kind;it is not jealous or conceited or proud ;love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable;love does not keep a record of wrongs;love is not happy with evil,but is happy with the truth.Love never gives up;and its faith,hope,and patience never fail” 1st Corinthians  13 versus 4-7 (passage according to the GOOD NEWS BIBLE)

It is unavoidably necessary for one to know what kind of love a prospective partner is bringing to base before they should venture into a relationship.For instance a romantic love,possibly a sexually motivated relationship is likely to be short- lived,because after a partner must have satisfied his or her sexual need,they may call it quit,since they has no other reason to stay or continue with such relationship and as it used to be,if there were no prior agreement by both parties to take such action,it could be a case of one winning and the other losing;and this usually causes pain to the one,who has lose.

Relationships that succeeds the most are those based on unconditional love.This kind of love is natural and has no material conditions.people that are involved experience boundless happiness,peace and joy in their relational life.They also tend to meet each other’s needs in every aspect.Here,love is regarded as life and there is great respect,care and appreciation for each other.In unconditional love,love is not practised selfishly but rather selflessly.

Does your partner loves you as he or she does for themselves?Do they have the willingness and the tendency to treat you as they will like to be treated? I think those are some of the questions you need to ask yourself and find out about.when you’re done with your findings and it happens to be that the answers to those questions is *yes*then,be rest assured that *true love* is certainly in place.

Having known that,then you should ensure to create time  to talk extensively and effectively about *trust* see to it,that you and your partner are able to agree on trustworthiness.If you truly love your partner,you need to show them that you really love, care  and have the need for them as much and as well as they are committed and loyal to you and the relationship.You and your partner really need to trust,be honest and being truthful to each other.most importantly,know and have a sincere agreement as to what extent you both could go on trust,so as to prevent fears and doubts.Your partner would not be likely to betray your trust;providing they are worthy of it;as well as they truly love and care for you.

“Remember that you can not always trust the person you love but you can always love the person you trust”

Having perfected love and trust,courage and faith should be strongly,consistently and well utilized.